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Neco, a contemporary surrealist painter based out of Miami, Florida.

I am best known for creating paintings relating to the human experience. My paintings depict figures and objects with a significance.

I am influenced by the everyday emotions and experiences, studying the way humans interact and react with them.

I want to share my work in hopes of inspiring the viewer to think of the human experience and emotion as something universal. A sense of unity.

Remember your humanity.

Creating has always been a way to express myself and communicate. It's less of a career and just my purpose. I've jumped from different styles and realms, from portraits to landscapes to fluid art looking for my identity through art. I eventually landed on what my work is today, and I feel it wholeheartedly represents who I am.

It brings me joy to have the ability of making my mental images into something tangible, and in turn, making it possible to share my work with others. I want my work to reach and inspire as many people as possible.

Below is my portfolio, a collection of my best work to date.

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